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Re: need an overlay for rewriting attribute values

On Tuesday 13 July 2010 18:46:48 you wrote:
> You're misusing the schema here. The memberUid attribute is only for simple 
> user IDs, not DNs.
I know, but the DN is just what came out of the autogroup overlay. However
Raphaël Ouazana supplied a patch which should fix this kind of problem. I still
didn't have any time to try it out but it sounds pretty much like what I need.

> slapo-rwm rewrites DNs in DN-valued attributes as well. "DN-valued" meaning 
> that the attribute's syntax is distinguishedName. It does not rewrite any 
> other attributes.
I may need attribute-value-rewriting in other situations too but I find it really
hard to get it working the way i need it. I don't come to grips with the manpage...
(Is there some more detailed documentation?) Can you show me how the config
section should look like to rewrite e.g. the memberUid attribute value the way I
explained it in my previous post? 

Best regards