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Re: need an overlay for rewriting attribute values

Howard Chu writes:
>Thomas Wunder wrote:
>> The whole thing is needed because slapo-autogroup puts in full DNs as
>> attribute values but my client programs (e.g. nss-ldapd) expect only
>> a plain username to be there. In practical this means that I need to
>> have that overlay to split the values of a particular type of
>> attribute (like 'memberUid') and extract a particular part of it.
> You're misusing the schema here. The memberUid attribute is only for simple 
> user IDs, not DNs.

...so you should put DNs in the 'member' attribute like the autogroup
doc says.  And you could write an overlay which inspects 'member' and
creates a 'memberUid' attribute.  If you take that route, look at
overlay usn in contrib/slapd-modules/ for a "template" if you want
memberUid to be maintained when member is updated, or allop or
overlays/dynlist if you want the attributes to be generated dynamically
for searches.  The latter means member and memberUid will guaranteed be
in sync, but some operations won't see memberUid - e.g. like filtering
for a memberUid, depending on how thoroughly you implement it.