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DN failed to copy


Not sure if this is an issue with phpLDAPadmin 1.0.1 or Openldap2.4 (on rhel 5.3). I've created posixGroup's within my openLDAP and can see these within phpLDAPadmin, I was trying to copy the objects within my 'dc' prior to some invasive work, but I cannot copy the posixGroups. I have done copies of all other objects but posixGroup copy errors with:

'Failed to copy DN: cn=copydba,ou=group,dc=ldn,dc=sw,dc=com

LDAP said: Object class violation
Description: You tried to perform an operation that would cause an undefined attribute to exist or that would remove a required attribute, given the current list of ObjectClasses. This can also occur if you do not specify a structural objectClass when creating an entry, or if you specify more than one structural objectClass.'

Having looked through countless web pages it suggests that the posixGroup definition in the rfc2037bis.schema should have a MUST clause but it already has this:

objectclass ( NAME 'posixGroup' SUP top AUXILIARY
  DESC 'Abstraction of a group of accounts'
  MUST gidNumber
  MAY ( userPassword $ memberUid $
        description ) )

Any advice would be great.



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