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Re: Adding rfc schema clashes

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010 07:32:53 +0000, Stuart Cherrington
<stuart_cherrington@hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> Running OpenLDAP 2.4 on RHEL 5.
> In order for my SOlaris 10 clients to start using the OpenLDAP service I
> need the objectclass 'nisDomainObject' to be declared. I found this
> objecttype in the 'rfc2307bis.schema' file so I've added it into the
> slapd.conf and now LDAP fails to restart with 
> /usr/share/openldap2.4/schema/nis.schema: line 53 attributetype:
> attributeType: ""
> slaptest2.4: bad configuration file!
> I did a quick check the and "" is declared in the
> for the gecos attributetype.
> Can I alter the number within the rfc schema?

You *can* on your local machine (no one will sue you) but you shouldn't.

Am I mistaken in thinking that the rfc2307bis.schema file does everything
(and more?) that the nis.schema file does? Could you not just stop using