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Re: Cannot authenticate with user/password

Thanks guys!

Now when I start slapd, I do not understand the output:
@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.4.22 (Jun  9 2010 08:15:30) $
Backend ACL: access to *
        by self write
        by users read
        by anonymous auth

Backend ACL: access to *
        by * none

config_back_db_open: line 0: warning: cannot assess the validity of the ACL scope within backend naming context bdb_db_open: warning - no DB_CONFIG file found in directory /shibidp/LDAP/var/data: (2).
Expect poor performance for suffix "dc=ldap,dc=mimas,dc=ac,dc=uk".
bdb_monitor_db_open: monitoring disabled; configure monitor database to enable
slapd starting

Jonathan Clarke wrote:
On Mon, 12 Jul 2010 14:13:27 +0100, Nicholas Syrotiuk
<syrotiuk@manchester.ac.uk> wrote:
Dear OpenLDAP users,

We have downloaded OpenLDAP 2.4.22 from Sunfreeware.com and installed it. We have successfully imported the LDAP data from another server. We are using the *simple* authentication method.

I can authenticate as rootdn but not as a user. Is there something wrong with my access control list:
access to *
	by self write
	by users read
	by anonymous none

I have tried running slapd with debugging switched on but could not diagnose the problem.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Troubleshooting ACLs is greatly made easier by using "loglevel acl" in
slapd.conf or "-d acl" on the command line.

In this case, you need to allow anonymous users auth privileges so that
they can authenticate. See
for details.


N Syrotiuk | Mimas | University of Manchester | Manchester  M13 9PL