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Attribute type is operational


I'm running Openldap 2.4 on Rhel5. I've got the basics working, user accounts etc, but have tried adding some new schemas which I'm getting problems with. I followed a VERY helpful Blog at http://oracle-cookies.blogspot.com/2007/01/get-tnsnamesora-from-openldap.html which allowed me to install some Oracle OID schema's so we can move away from Oracle OID.

This Blog is a little out of date and I have some attributetypes which I need to add-in to the schema. I've added the following 2 lines:

attributetypes ( 2.16.840.1.113894.1.1.37 NAME 'orclGuid' EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch SYNTAX '' SINGLE-VALUE NO-USER-MODIFICATION USAGE directoryOperation )

attributetypes ( 2.16.840.1.113894.1.1.1000 NAME 'orclnormdn' EQUALITY distinguishedNameMatch SYNTAX '' SINGLE-VALUE NO-USER-MODIFICATION USAGE directoryOperation )

I took these from the current 10.2.0 OID installation so wasn't 100% sure they were correct but they are similar in construct the others found on the blog.

When I restart ldap2.4 I get error:

 service ldap2.4 restart
Checking config file /etc/openldap2.4/slapd.conf:          [FAILED]
/etc/openldap2.4/schema/oidbase.schema: line 27 attributetypes: "2.16.840.1.113894.1.1.37" is operational
slaptest2.4: bad configuration file!

Having Googled it, I found this to mean that the attributetype had already been declared but I cannot find where, I checked in my current schemas and the defaults under /usr/share/openldap2.4/schema but found nothing.

Anyone help here?


Stuart Cherrington.

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