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Re: WG: Q: status of component matching?

"Lehnert, Hartmut" <Hartmut.Lehnert@secunet.com> writes:

> Hello Dieter!
> Nevertheless I generated a core dump in the mean time - but this was only possible by adding the GenBufFreeBuf function as a dummy to init.c file of the comp match module:
> void GenBufFreeBuf (void *p)
> {
> }

Strange, I didn't have to create a dummy function.

> The back trace of the core:
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0x080e17d4 in slap_sl_free (ptr=0xb6f981d2, ctx=0x82d01a8) at sl_malloc.c:487
> #1  0x0809ecf1 in ch_free (ptr=0xb6f981d2) at ch_malloc.c:137

> Does this cover any new information?

Yes. I could reproduce this with different valid filter definitions. I
have filed ITS #6554 on this issue.


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