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Re: use of server-side sorting and virtual list view controls blocks slapd

Am Tue, 25 May 2010 16:16:52 +0200
hi Hartmut,

schrieb "Lehnert, Hartmut" <Hartmut.Lehnert@secunet.com>:

> Hi Dieter!
> We tried 
> Sizelimit unlimited

Limits have to be defined on both sides server side and client side.
> In slapd.conf, but the effect is the same, slapd answers "size limit
> exceeded". The search request command is

> /home/openldap/openldap-2.4.21-install/bin/ldapsearch -h localhost -p
> 9389 -D cn=openldapadmin -w welcome -b o=CustomerCA,c=de -s children
> -E!sss="sncertnr:"
> -E!vlv="0/9/0/1:objectclass=SN-ISIS-MTT-MainCert" "objectclass=*"
> sncertnr

Is the ordering matching rule caseIgnoreOrderingMatch (oid
correct for sncertnr attribute type?
Why are you adding objectclass0* to your search string? 

> Besides this effect we only have 10 records stored in the LDAP
> database ;-)

OK, then something weird is happening, could you run slapd in debugging
> For the supported features see the following list:

> openldap@ocsp-openldap24:~/openldap-snacc-2.3.6/c-lib>
> /home/openldap/openldap-2.4.21-install/bin/ldapsearch -h localhost -p
> 9389 -D cn=openldapadmin -w welcome -b "" -s base  +

> The OID is missing here but this OID is
> marked as kind of experimental. Why do I need this feature and how
> can I enable this?

Your search scope is defined as '-s children', the oid of this feature
is the above mentioned oid.
Your compiled slapd version does not understand -s children, thus
applying default setting of -s sub, you probably should apply -s one.


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