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Re: Integration OpenLDAP - MS Active Directory

"Veloso Varas, Sebastián (TECH-IT)" wrote:
> I would like to know if any of you. has had experience of integration of
> AD with LDAP. My idea is to have a core LDAP and AD users consume.

Not sure what you really want. If you want simple replication from OpenLDAP to
AD this is not possible out-of-the-box.

> "I have a concern would be the root domain and AD ldap.sitio.int eg
> ad.sitio.int would not?
> LDAP (sitio.int) -------> AD (sitio.int)

You're mixing AD and pure LDAPv3 terms here. Probably because with AD the DNS
domain name and the LDAP naming context are tightly coupled. Anyway this is
the least of the problem.

> I am implementing this scheme for a unified authentication issue,
> working through cross-platform and I must be based on an LDAP.

What authentication mechanism do you want to use. Simple bind with password?
Kerberos (SASL/GSSAPI)? Etc....

You should really try to explain in more detail what you want to achieve.

Ciao, Michael.

Michael Ströder
E-Mail: michael@stroeder.com