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Re: How to obtain a 'version number' of an attributes

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
I've got a little challenge...

there is an attribute in AD call msDS-KeyVersionNumber.  In AD this
operational attribute increments each time the unicodePwd attribute is
updated.  It is typically a small integer, being the number of times
that the password has ever been changed.

In Samba4, we maintain this by looking into our replication metadata
(replPropertyMetaData), and returning a counter that is maintained

I could maintain this manually from Samba's side (this is what we did in
the past), but I wanted to first check if there was something already
stored that I could convert.

We don't keep a counter on the LDAP side. However, the Heimdal KDC maintains the keyVersionNumber, and it seems to me that you'd have that integrated here as well.

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