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Re: use of server-side sorting and virtual list view controls blocks slapd

"Lehnert, Hartmut" <Hartmut.Lehnert@secunet.com> writes:

> Hi all,
> We encounter a problem using server-side sort and virtual list view controls
> in our search requests. After sending one search requests the slapd remains
> busy until it is restarted:
> Executing the command
> /home/openldap/openldap-2.4.21-install/bin/ldapsearch -h localhost -p 9389 -D
> cn=openldapadmin -w welcome -b o=CustomerCA,c=de -s children -E!sss=sncertnr
> -E!vlv="0/0/1/0" "objectclass=*"

Are you sure your server supports feature
Me think the -E parameters are wrong. At least this works for me:
ldapsearch -Y DIGEST-MD5 -U dieter -w xxx -H ldap://localhost:9004 -b ou=benchmark,o=avci,c=de -s one -E'vlv=0/9/0/1:objectclass=inetorgperson' -E'!sss=sn:'

> Generates the following output:

> result: 4 Size limit exceeded
> # numResponses: 1
> Why is the size limit exceeded here?

Because you have not set sizelimit to unlimited


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