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RE: FW: OpenLDAP: contextCSN check across mirrors

Thanks for the reply. This will store the contextCSN in the sub entry but I need to frequently change the value of contextCSN. Is there any configuration needs to be done in slapd.conf which will rotate the contextCSN value more frequently.

Please suggest.

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<rahul.manchanda@bt.com> writes:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the reply.
> Can you please help me in understanding the two updates that has come in
> the two new LDAP releases "slapd-bdb contextCSN updates from updatedn" &
> " slapd syncrepl contextCSN storing in subentry".
> Can you please suggest what configurations are required to frequently
> change the contextCSN in slapd.conf so that my script can pick the
> latest one? I am also attaching the python script which I am using to
> check the sync status across mirrors? 

for information on sync_use_subentry read slapd.conf(5) or
slapd-config(5) on olcSyncuseSubentry


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