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RE: OpenLDAP: contextCSN check across mirrors

--On Friday, May 07, 2010 7:50 AM +0100 rahul.manchanda@bt.com wrote:


It is 2.4.19.

Please update your servers to 2.4.22 and see if it still occurs. Numerous fixes have occurred since the 2.4.19 release. I've noted some specific ones below that are likely of interest.

OpenLDAP 2.4.20 Release (2009/11/27)
       Added slapd syncrepl contextCSN storing in subentry (ITS#6373)
       Fixed slapd syncrepl deletes in MirrorMode (ITS#6368)
       Fixed slapd syncrepl to use correct SID (ITS#6367)
       Fixed slapo-syncprov checkpoint conversion (ITS#6370)
       Fixed slapo-syncprov deadlock (ITS#6335)
       Fixed slapo-syncprov memory leak (ITS#6376)
       Fixed slapo-syncprov out of order changes (ITS#6346)
       Fixed slapo-syncprov psearch with stale cookie (ITS#6397)

OpenLDAP 2.4.21 Release (2009/12/20)
       Fixed slapd syncrepl freeing tasks from queue (ITS#6413)
       Fixed slapd syncrepl parsing of tls defaults (ITS#6419)
       Fixed slapd syncrepl uninitialized variables (ITS#6425)

OpenLDAP 2.4.22 Release (2010/04/24)
       Fixed slapd-bdb contextCSN updates from updatedn (ITS#6469)



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