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Re: bdb_index_read: failed

I'd totally forgotten to reply-to-all:


You'd have to turn log levels up, and/or restrict usage to narrow that down (classic trouble shooting, to the rescue).

Personally, I'd ask your staff to start with (devs and IT) and ask what's being done different, or if there are new users of LDAP.

I can understand something being done that's 'new' or 'different' could very well be some snoop, but more likely the 'culprit' is going to be something 'ok'.

Moving on...

See when the events occur and (and perhaps who is authenticating)turn the log levels up during that time - that'll require a restart of slapd if your config is static files (now I really see the beauty of olconfig).

Start with just logging auth, whether you find a link there or not, and if you need more detail, log the queries (shudder).

Oh, and you'll need some 'spare' disk and cpu if this is a modestly used service.  If you get to the latter part, you'll likely crush your box.

And back again...

Seriously, ask around.  It'll likely be easier.

This was all assuming that this was an established service - and if you've simply taken over an admin role, this could have been going on for a while and the final 'culprit' may simply be missing indexes.

Good luck,
- chris

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Thanks Howard, thats good news.

However, I would like to know what or who is causing this.
I've tried different loglevels but matchting the error with the query/filter that's causing it is
rather challenging to say the least...
Any hints on how to find the query responsible?


Howard Chu schreef:
> Arwin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We are running 1 master server and a couple of slaves, all
>> openldap-2.4 on Ubuntu 8.04 lts, syncrepl
>> and cn=config configuration.
>> The last couple of days we are getting a few of the following errors
>> in the slapd logs:
>> Apr 29 11:03:41 ldapsrvr-1 slapd[6112]: bdb_idl_fetch_key: [b49d1940]
>> Apr 29 11:03:41 ldapsrvr-1 slapd[6112]:<= bdb_index_read: failed (-30990)
>> Apr 29 11:03:41 ldapsrvr-1 slapd[6112]:<= bdb_equality_candidates:
>> id=0, first=0, last=0
>> Apr 29 11:03:41 ldapsrvr-1 slapd[6112]: =>  bdb_equality_candidates
>> (objectClass)
>> Tried solving it by re-adding the index and running slapindex but the
>> errors still remain.
>> Everything seems to work ok though, replication works, we can add/edit
>> entries and user
>> authentication of accounts in the dit work just fine.
>> Can anybody tell me if this (bdb_index_read: failed (-30990)) is
>> something that needs to be fixed
>> and if so, how?
> No. It's normal, it just means it was looking for the index of a value
> that doesn't exist in your DB.

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