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Re: Tips when implementing password policies

Okay, it says:
"If pwdChangedTime does not exist, the user's password will not expire."

How have you guys dealt with this?  I suspect that just asking people to please change their passwords so we can make sure they expire will result in a low turn-out rate. :p

I also don't want people to just end-up locked out either, if at all possible.


- chris

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Chris Jacobs wrote:
> I've a few accounts that I was testing with - after I set the password
/after/ ppolicy was in place, things work as expected. Password history, #
grace auths, etc.
> However, for those accounts existing before the ppolicy was in place, no
enforcement - there's no password change date set, nor any other policy items
added - other than the pwdpolicysubentry.

Please read the slapo-ppolicy(5) manpage. In particular, read the description
of the pwdChangedTime attribute.

> One note: early on in the old ldap installations use, inetorgperson wasn't
> a
class on accounts. Is that necessary for pwdpolicy? Would that make everything
else work for the legacy accounts?
> I'll send an example LDIF of a test account and a legacy account later.
> - chris

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