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Re: OpenLDAP DB_CONFIG values for a big Server

Echedey Lorenzo <echedey@gmail.com> writes:

> Nice tricks,
> I have specified an index for my filter search. Populating entries again to take care of it.
> Regarding shm_key, I have a couple of silly questions:
> - I should create a shared memory region. Could you please point me in the right direction? I've been googling but found nothing
> regarding creating it and OpenLDAP

just add 'shm_Key 3', or any other numeric value, to the database part
of slapd.conf

> - I am afraid not all the database will fit in a shared memory region. The machine has 16GB RAM and I think all the entries would be
> about ~22GB. What may happend if it comes to grow and surpass the limit?

Hm, if, as a rule of thumb, the size of the files id2entry, dn2id plus
<index>.bdb exceed 14GB than you either have to increase memory or to
refrain from shared memory.


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