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Re: OpenLdap mirrormode cluster with 2 slaves.

Good afternoon, is their anyone here that can help me with this problem?
I'm really in a bit of a loss here and am looking for some help in this.

>> Hello,
>> I have the following setup that gives me some issues at the moment.
>> I have 2 servers running Fedora 10 with OpenLDAP 2.4.19 that are running
>> in Mirrormode.
>> The sync between those 2 servers works just fine.
>> Besides that we have 2 frontend servers that rely heavily on ldap for
>> mail delivery and mail transfers. To make this workable we thought about
>> creating a readonly replica on these servers and tell the sendmail to
>> use the local ldap as primary. When we had an old version on these
>> servers (I think 2.4.12) everything worked fine. We now upgraded all
>> servers to 2.4.19 and the configuration moved to slapd.d format, and now
>> it looks like those 2 servers don't see the updates on the mirrormode
>> backend anymore.
> I just did some more testing and I found some strange things.
> Removing a user from the backendcluster replicates to the frontend just
> fine.
> Changing something in an existing user doesn't replicate to the frontend.
> And creating a new user on the backend cluster doesn't replicate to the
> frontend either.
> So basicly deletions work fine, updates don't.
> Does anyone have any clue here for me about what I'm missing?
> Greetings,
> Jan Hugo Prins
Every usefull hint is very much appreciated.

Jan Hugo Prins