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Re: Same entry twice in ldapsearch output

Peter Mogensen wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
It's slapd 2.4.19 with BDB4.8

Please test CVS RE24. 2.4.20 is being prepped for release and probably all of
these issues have already been addressed.

At least the issue about the entry appearing twice in LDIF from ldapsearch is still present in a test with RE24 from today.

If I search the parent with scope "sub" I get the entry twice. If I search with the entry as base, it's only there once.

Results about the weirdness about contextCSN is still pending (the LDIF is still loading on server-2).

There's no difference between 2.4.19 and CVS RE24. I still don't get the entries replicated even if contextCSN is updated and there's still an entry with ldapsearch outputs twice.