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Re: UPN in BIND request

On Tuesday, 24 November 2009 21:37:38 Siddharth Sehjpal wrote:
>  Hi Jonathan,
> I am working in a test environment where I have dummy accounts in AD and
> OpenLDAP, I happen to see that AD schema has userPrincipalname attribute
> and this is missing in OpenLDAP, The application I am trying with is
> strictly using UPN names

In other words, it is an AD-only application, not an LDAP-compliant 
application. I would recommend you make the vendor/developers aware of this 
and ask them to support the IETF-standardised protocol and not a specific 
broken implementation, or not use the software.

If you want/need something that supports the brokenness/non-compliance of AD, 
your best bet is probably Samba4.