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Objects with with no parent objects...

I hope someone can help...

We have an directory with a few objects that don't seem to have parents.  We're not sure how they got in there.  They could have been added using ldapmodify, or our application could have added them via JNDI.  This is one of the DN's:

We are fairly sure the organizational units ou=profile,ou=prod never existed, yet the P_SUPER object was create, and is returned in a search.  We need to remove these entries in a hurry so I put together this LDIF...

DN: ifastProfileId=P_SUPER,ou=profile,ou=prod,ou=ifast,ou=ifastbase,dc=ifdsgroup,dc=com
DN: ifastProfileId=P_SSII,ou=profile,ou=prod,ou=ifast,ou=ifastbase,dc=ifdsgroup,dc=com
DN: ifastProfileId=P_SSBL,ou=profile,ou=prod,ou=ifast,ou=ifastbase,dc=ifdsgroup,dc=com

but the ldifmodify gives this error...

deleting entry "ifastProfileId=P_SUPER,ou=profile,ou=prod,ou=ifast,ou=ifastbase,dc=ifdsgroup,dc=com"
ldap_delete: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error (80)
    additional info: could not locate parent of entry

As I say we need to quickly remove these objects.  Can anyone give some suggestions?