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Re: Queries very very slow + strange problem with indexes

Rein Tollevik schrieb:
> Jan Fricke wrote:
>> I'm running openLdap 2.3.43 on CentOS 5.3.
>> At the moment queries that return one entry of 20 take between 300ms and
>> 600ms. The objectClass of the objects I query has no influence. The acl
>> rules that allow users to write have also no significant influence on
>> query speed. If I add
>> index telephoneNumber eq
>> to my slapd.conf, queries with (telephoneNumber=123) are very fast but
>> return zero results although they should return one.
>> Any ideas? I'm running out of ideas (Maybe because I'm new to LDAP :) )
> You must run slapindex after modifying the index configuration.
> Rein
> .

Long question, short answer.
Thanks a lot!
I won't have the chance to test it until monday.

Just to make sure that I got it.

I need to run slapindex only once to index existing pieces of data.
After adding an attribute to the indexed entries of my slapd.conf and
running slapindex the index will be refreshed automatically when
datasets are modified.