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Re: Search filter for numbers

On 30/09/2009 08:48, Florian Götz wrote:
Hi everbody,

I tried to create a dynamic group with dynlist and got a problem with a search
filter. I searched the net for a solution, but found nothing that fits.

I want to collect all people thet have a common attribute (attributA=X), but
only people that have a uid that isn´t a number.

We got people with uids similar to their last name (Meier, Müller, Schmidt)
and Users that got a number as uid (123456).
I tried a filter like:


That looks like regexp syntax, which isn't part of LDAP filters.

but that doesn´t work.
A solution like:


works, but there must be a more elegant way to do this....right?

Well, the uid attribute uses a string syntax. So to the LDAP server, there is no distinction between uids that are numbers or not, they're all strings to the server. So, the short answer is no.

The slightly longer one is that theoretically you could use a special matching rule that only matched integers, I guess... But that really is a lot more complicated than your suggested solution.

Looking at the question in a broader light, I might ask why you store two different types of UID in the same attribute? Would it not make more sense to store numeric UIDs in another attribute, such as uidNumber, for example?