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Advice/comments on deploying openLDAP in a VirtualBox appliance.

I have completed the prototyping of openldap, samba/pdc,  on a
VirtualBox appliance.   The setup works fine with 4-5 different
desktop clients connecting to
the services.

Appliance details: VirtualBox 3.0.6 - 512MB RAM, 8MB Video RAM, 9GB
VDI with 1GB Swap and  CentOS 5.3 64bit).

I am considering deploying this appliance into production with 1GB
RAM.  The no. of clients connecting to the server will be approx. 150.

Has anyone deployed openLDAP + Samba/PDC in a VirtualBox appliance?

I'd appreciate if you could share your experience, gotchas etc with
respect to an appliance environment as well as resources allocated to
the appliance e.g. amount of RAM.


Arun Khan