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Re: Mirror mode with additional consumer

Jens Thomas wrote:

i am new at this list, please forgive me my broken english.

I have two questions, first, is it possible to setup two slapd (2.4.x)
in mirror mode and add later one or more additional consumer slapd
with syncrepl? The goal is to have a 2-server-HA system (where one
server is always writeable) and distributed cache slapd's. Are there
theoretical issues?

That will work fine.

A second problem, maybe you can give me a pointer: I would like to
assign the right to add, modify and delete an object to an attribute
inside the same object (and necessarily to the container object).
Maybe ACI and the corresponding overlay is what i need. Or can this be
solved by using regex?

I don't understand this question, give a more detailed example...

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