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Re: ACL on referral object (chaining) does not work

Kay.Kirchhoefer@t-systems.com wrote:
I have a question regarding ACL used together with chaining overlay configuration. I´m building several ldap servers which should chain each other, based on the selected path. I now wanted to prevent a chaining loop by using ACLs, but that doesn´t work for me. It seems like the ACL is not used for the referral objects. sample referral object:
    dn: o=testldap2,c=de
    objectClass: referral
    objectClass: extensibleObject
ref: ldap://testldap2/c=de <ldap://testldap2/c=de> chaining config:
    overlay chain
chain-uri ldap://testldap2 <ldap://testldap2> chain-rebind-as-user yes
    chain-idassert-bind bindmethod="simple"
    chain-max-depth 1
    chain-return-error TRUE
ACL config:
    access to dn.base="o=testldap2,c=de"
        by peername.ip= none
        by * read is the ip address of "testldap2". Everytime a request from this ip occurs, the server should block the access to the (referral) object because it must be a "chained" request But that doesn´t work. Also the parameter "chain-max-depth" seems not to work. I´m currently using OpenLDAP version 2.3.20 (but I also tried the latest one).

Not sure, I haven't tried and I'm writing it by heart, but you should probably add a "chain-acl-bind" instruction, whose syntax is almost the same as the chain-idassert-bind, except for the "mode" parameter that is not required (nor allowed).