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Re: Dying LDAP process and TLS

Florian Götz <f.goetz@hs-mannheim.de> writes:

> Hello everybody,
> I got some two serious problems with my LDAP, maybe you got a hint for it.
> Problem 1 might have a connection to nr 2, but I´m not sure.
> I use OpenLDAP 2.4.12 on a SLES11 system. The initscript to start/stop the 
> service called "rcldap" know 3 states: unused, running and dead.
> When I startup the LDAP it´s in state running. It takes about 10-15min, the 
> LDAP doesn´t respond anymore and a "rcldap status" tells me that the service 
> is dead. I have no clue why it behaves this way. The logs tell me, that the 
> Backup-System fetches some data and then the log ends without any further 
> notice. The pid file still exists, but the process is gone.

1. run slapd with strace to watch the files loaded.
2. run slapd in debugging mode 3 the watch the certificate


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