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on-the-fly tweaking of AccessControl (be_acl)

Dear slapd-Experts,

I've a perhaps slightly strange question regarding tweaking of be_acl from within an overlay and would be very happy if you could please help me.

I'm looking after a possibility to change AccessControl struct's content on "overlay-operation-basis": For each processed Operation within my test overlay I want to modify this sample ACL from a) into b):

a) cn=config initially stores:
access to filter=(x=*)
 by users read
 by * none

b) overlay has detected operation "z" ==> the acl should be tuned into:
access to filter=(y=*)
 by users read
 by * none

I think I've already found the concerned structs and I'm able to get the above modification done in theory, but I'm a little bit afraid/unsure regarding side effects, e.g thread locking and so on. I could imagine that in general be_acl is not intend to be changed from one operation to another...?!

What would be the "best" pseudo-code-style way to achive the above a-b-transition in a safe/consistent way from within an overlay?

Many thanks for your advice!