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Re: how to uninstall openldap

mukim pathan wrote:
> Hi,
> I wish uninstall openldap-2.4.16 from my linux system and install it
> again. I tried uninstalling it using make uninstall but it's not working.
> Can you please tell me how to uninstall openldap??
> Regards,
> Mukim Pathan


if you've compiled OpenLDAP from sources, then I'm afraid you will have
to wipe out files by hand. To ease it; if you didn't recompile sources
already, or haven't done # make clean;, enter OpenLDAP source directory
and do # make install DESTDIR=$HOME/tmp/ldap/; which will install
OpenLDAP to your "$HOME/tmp/ldap" and you'll get the idea which files
(and where) to remove. Eventually, you can write script-
If you've installed OpenLDAP from package, then you have to refer to
documentation of GNU/Linux distribution you're using.


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