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Extend Schema correctly

Hello List,
I want to correctly extend schema but I have a question regarding the
OID assignment of the custom objectClass and attributes I have
I want to know if the OID number is absolutely necessary and if I do
not use an OID number, what are the repercussions if any.
For example will it cause any issues say with syncing with Active
Directory or any other directory down the line if I go that route
I created a custom schema extension file to extend my schema so I can
associate server names containing resources to my user accounts in
This schema file has a single auxiliary objectClasses entry and three
(MAY) attributeTypes entries.
I added the schema file to my Directory with schema checking on and it
starts up correctly.
I can add this objectClass and the 3 associated attributes to any
account in my directory with no issue.
I have not assigned an OID to these entries only names. Does this mean
the OID is not necessary?

Is there a suggested base OID I can use without requesting a company
specific OID from IANA? Would be for  for inter company use only.
My company has an OID name space through IANA but the people that
managed that are long gone and I do not want to overlap
anything or cause issues.
So basically I am looking to give this object class and associated
attributes OID numeric assignments and am unsure how to do that.

Thank you