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Suggestion for 2 domains samba+ldap and Windows AD

 Hi people.

  I want to know if this is possible.

  I have right now 3 domains in my network.

  Dom A = Samba 3.0.33 Gentoo + LDAP. This serve to a domain of 10
users at location 1.
  Dom B = Windows 2003 AD serving 8 users at location 2.
  Dom C = WinNT + samba as client serving most of the users(35) at location 2.

  As u can see, the NT is the most busy, I need to remove that
domain, is in the same location as "Dom B", my path is to move all the
users from "Dom C" to "Dom B" most of the machines are windows boxes.
This is easy, the only issue I was having before is my 2 samba boxes,
I could not make possible to be part of the "Dom B", but last week I
made that possible, them I can make this move.

  Well, the main reason of this email is because, after I remove the
NT server, at location 2 I would just have a Window 2k3 AD domain
working, on the other site (location 1)  I would have a domain running
samba+ldap working.

  Right now, if I'm at location 1 I cannot see location 2 the "Dom
B"(Win 2k3), the same thing happen at location 2.

  There is a way to make this possible, can  a domain with samba+ldap
see a domain with win 2k3? Is possible to share users?

  I was think to setup another server at location 2 with samba+ldap
and sync users but I still have the users of the win 2k3 domain...?

  Hope to be clear, if someone have some experience here at will
appreciated, thanks for your time!!!

 P.S. my samba serves at location 2 are Centos 5.x Samba 3.0.33.

LIving the dream...