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Prb: UID Fields Over 7 Chars - add transaction hangs


I have a problem with a new OpenLDAP configuration that is likely my own 
doing, but I am unable to discern the cause.

Environment: Solaris 9, OpenLDAP 2.4.16, Berkeley DB 4.7.25

I installed the OpenLDAP software from the stable release at the 
openldap.org site. After some basic configuration and very basic tests, I 
did the "full" slapd.conf and DB_CONFIG configurations using various 
resources, including the Admin Guide and the FAQ-o-matic.

All seemed to be going well until I tried to add (ldapmodify -a w/ldif 
files) some new "person" entries based on data I want to migrate. The 
first one was OK, but subsequent ones never completed. When the problem 
occurs, there's no return from the ldapmodify command and likewise any 
"db_stat" commands that I attempt.  When I look at the log (local4.debug) 
entries, the last entry is for the "ADD dn="uid=DCM...".  The daemon is 
*not* looping, there's just never a response.  [I need to break to get my 
prompt back.] When I attempt to stop the daemon, I get "waiting for 1 
operations/tasks to finish"  and I have to kill the daemon to get it to 
stop. When I restart, it goes through DB recovery and everything is as it 
was before the ldapmodify -a started. 

A colleague suggested something that seems to be an indicator:
- an add of  "dn: uid=DCM11,ou=People,o=XXXX" works fine
- an add of  "dn: uid=DCM1123,ou=People,o=XXXX" works fine
- an add of  "dn: uid=DCM11234,ou=People,o=USNS" does *not* work
So it seems that "uid" values with lengths over 7 characters fail.  Yeah, 
this seems plenty odd to me, but I've created\tested\deleted DBs multiple 
times over and this still happens consistently.

I have tried multiple levels of "debug", down to "488" anyway, but still 
no message that seems like an error.

Not wanting to swamp anyone, here's some basic config extracts:
set_cachesize 0 67108864 1
set_lg_bsize 2097152
set_lg_max 10485760
set_lg_regionmax 262144

===slapd_t10.conf=== [obviously stripped]
backend bdb
database        bdb
suffix  "o=XXXX"
checkpoint 128 15
index   objectClass     eq
index        uid     pres,eq                    [Have tried taking this 
out & re-creating - no difference]
lastmod on
monitoring on

Anyone have any ideas?  I have spent many hours looking at this, but I'm 
willing to believe it's something simple I can't see.

Thanks in advance for you help.