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Recommendations for adding "MUST" attribute to in-production objectclass?

Greetings, list!

I have a custom schema, which defines an objectclass to which all of
my "users" belong.  I'd like to add a required ("MUST") attribute to
that objectclass, but I'm frightened of destroying my users :-)

Is the following procedure safe?

    1.  Add the desired attribute as optional ("MAY") to the
        objectclass in my schema.  Restart slapd.

    2.  Apply an LDIF change to every node with that particular
        objectclass, setting that new attribute to some acceptable
    3.  Ensure that my "create a new user" tools will set that

    4.  Change my schema to require ("MUST") that attribute within
        that objectclass.  Restart slapd.

If not, what is the safe procedure?

Is there a better way of adding a required attribute to an
in-production objectclass?


Christopher DeMarco <demarco@maya.com>
IT Director
MAYA Group