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Newbie planning for the future

Hi all,

I am a newbie to LDAP, and have just gotten my first directory server up and running, using openldap.

I have been researching and reading a lot of material for quite a while about schema design and planning, and haven't found much pertaining to what I want to do.

We have 50+ servers, serving thousands of customers. I want to migrate those servers to LDAP authentication and authorization, but have not found the proper design for multiple servers and duplicated users. Most references just do the basic "example.com" example and never expand on it from there. Ultimately, I would like to allow my admins to have a single account across multiple servers (kind of "authorization account merging"), but still allot the schema to be "separate" enough that duplicated usernames on different machines, corresponding to different people, still exist.

Are there any really good references out there that do step-by-step walk throughs of the type of schema designing that I am thinking of? Or is it impossible? Or am I just really making too much of this? :)

Thanks for any insights...