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Re: getting rid of "request done" messages

Heiko Petzsch wrote:
> I've tried to ask the following question in the openldap-software mailing list:
>> I have a beginners question: when I log in as root on one of my systems, I
>> get quite a lot of messages of the form
>> request done: ld 0x5654f0 msgid 1
>> request done: ld 0x5654f0 msgid 2
>> ...
>> on the console. I assume that they originate from my openldap installation
>> - but I don't even understand the mechanism how they are send to me
>> (openldap was installed by my predecessor). Could someone please tell me
>> how to get rid of these messages ?
> I must admit that I had and have have no certainty at all which software produces these 
> messages - I only searched the internet,

You should examine the ldap.conf used for your pam_ldap and/or nss_ldap
and check for debug settings.

Ciao, Michael.