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Re: Master server error

Found it.  We changed the IP of the master and forgot to change the IP entry in smbldap.conf file.  I totally forgot that smbldap.conf file exist.

Thanks so much Gavin.


Gavin Henry wrote:
----- "Ivan Ordonez" <iordonez@nature.berkeley.edu> wrote:


Just wondering why the master server is trying to contact the slave
I use any of the smbldap tools?  I would get the message below.

erreur LDAP: Can't contact slave ldap server (IO::Socket::INET:
=>trying to contact the master server

It would then contact the master server and give me the result. 
of pulling the information faster, it will take a few minutes.  It is

not a big deal, as things are working fine but I just want to know if

there's a way to get rid of the error.  Please advise.


This is actually to do with the smbldap tools, not OpenLDAP. Check the config
file for the master/slave settings and the Perl code too. The master isn't
trying to contact the slave at ;-)