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Porting mozldap to openldap

Hi everybody,


I have spend sometime to understand mozldap and openldap. I have searched the archives using these keyword “mozldap to openldap” or just “mozldap” but found nothing.

I have to port an application currently using mozldap to openldap.

Has anyone done this before, I would like to ask some questions such as:


1. I see that the application called ldapssl_advclientauth_init(), ldapssl_init() if using certificate and call prldap_init() if using simple authentication. The function ldapssl_advclientauth_init() is very big after I traced it down. Is there an equivalent call in openldap?


2. Is there any example posted somewhere that my search on google missed (I could not find any).


3. Is there anything I should be watching for?


4. What is the best approach to do this?


I thank you very much for any help, suggestion I can get.


Best regards