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Re: Context CSN not updated on OpenLDAP 2.3.11

Le jeudi 16 avril 2009 19:05:58, Quanah Gibson-Mount a écrit :
> --On Thursday, April 16, 2009 2:18 PM +0200 Adrien Futschik
> <adrien.futschik@atosorigin.com> wrote:
> > Le jeudi 16 avril 2009 14:04:44, Michael Ströder a écrit :
> >> Adrien Futschik wrote:
> >> > I am aware I should migrate, but for the moment, the only solution I
> >> > have would be to migrate to OpenLDAP 2.3.32,
> >>
> >> Why? Please don't take this personally. But if that is because you
> >> strictly rely on Linux distribution packages I'd like to note that your
> >> operational concept is already flawed.
> >
> > Because the client I am working for uses source-compiled versions of
> > OpenLDAP and is curently running 2.3.11 or 2.3.32. There is no newer
> > package for the moment. We are working on a OpenLDAP 2.4.16 or newer,
> > but, production is critical and we can not wait for this one to be
> > released (by our team).
> >
> >
> > I know very well that many changes have been made between 2.3.11 and the
> > latest 2.3.x and even between 2.3.32 and the latest 2.3.x, but we can not
> > afford to migrate to 2.4.x right now.
> At a minimum, you should be using 2.3.43 on all your servers. You should
> be responsible for making sure your client uses the most up to date and
> stable release available for them to use, if you are given them support.
> Otherwise, you are failing in that support relationship.

In case of this client no. It is long to explain, and therefore, I will not explain it here, but upgrading is'nt always an option.

For your information, between the time OpenLDAP releases a version and the time the projects might actualy use it, is about 6-7 month. That's because of the whole compilation/testing/validation/packaging/releasing process that the client is using. It has been so for many year now.

Thanks anyway.

Adrien Futschik