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Re: index_param failed

Quanah Gibson-Mount a Ãcrit :
# slapindex
bdb_db_open: database already in use
backend_startup_one: bi_db_open failed! (-1)
slap_startup failed

slapindex can only be run while the server is stopped.

Ok, thanks a lot for your confirmation, but now I have a problem : the whole mail server (both SMTP and IMAP) are based on LDAP, therefore I can't stop LDAP without interrupting services, is there a "clean" way to do that ?

Schedule downtime?

And I'd advise setting up at least one replica, etc, so you can have your services look at multiple LDAP servers, so LDAP isn't a single point of failure.

Ok good thankt a lot I'll therefore plan to install a replica, so that I will be able to run splapindex (and it will be more secure btw)...