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Re: Differences between MirrorMode and 2-way mulit-master

Please also cc the list.

> http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/replication.html#MirrorMode%20replication
> If I understood it correctly, on N-way Multi-Master replication any
> member can
> accept write operations while on MirrorMode only must|should accept
> write
> operations.


> I had a MirrorMode configured and I was able to send writes on
> both servers and each server was replicating the changes without
> problems.
> The test which I did was very simple, first add/remove an entry on the
> first
> and then add/remove an entry on the second.
> So, the above test made to wonder about the differences between
> MirrorMode and
> 2-way mulit-master.
> what is the reason on a MirrorMode replication to force all write
> operations to
> one of the members of the replication?

Did you read the above link? It doesn't look like you did.
> BTW, what about the syncpro overlay settings which are not part of
> the
> MirrorMode configuration example?

Again, please read the docs:


It specifically says:

" Mirror Node Configuration

This is the same as the Set up the provider slapd section."

where it links to the section that show the syncprov overlay config.

Please read the docs.

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