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Re: AW: LDAP proxy for AD -- still no solution

On Wednesday 17 September 2008 07:39:37 Nazeeruddin Mohammad wrote:
> Thank you Claus and Buchan for your comments.
> I tried your suggestions today. Even with the full access, I still cannot
> see any ldap users. The basic search like the following command works; only
> id and getent fails.
> ldapsearch -x -h ldapserver -LLL -b dc=internal,dc=phg,dc=com,dc=au
> '(uid=nazeerm)'

Right, so your proxy server is working correctly, but you have a different 
problem now.

Please start a new thread about your problems in configuring Unix clients to 
retrieve the user information from LDAP (the fact that it is a proxy is 
irrelevant, as long as the searches succeed, the proxy is no longer the 
issue), and include sufficient detail about these clients.

This thread is now no longer about an LDAP proxy ...