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Re: syncrepl - Base DN is not within the database naming context.

On Wednesday 10 September 2008 06:18:19 Brad T Waldorf wrote:

> database    bdb
> suffix      "o=baseballs"
> index objectClass,sn,mail,street,pager eq
> syncrepl rid=492
>        searchbase="dc=exampleb1,dc=com"

dc=exampleb1,dc=com (the syncrepl searchbase) does not fit under o=baseballs 
(the suffix of the database which holds the syncrepl statement). If you want 
to replicate one base DN to another base DN, you should use back-ldap with a 
rewrite rule on the consumer side, or back-relay on the provider side, which 
will allow you to still satisfy this restriction.

> If i modify the syncrepl statement in the slave to replicate the other
> database, replication of "o=baseballs" works...
> syncrepl rid=493
>        searchbase="o=baseballs"

Well, the if fits inside the database that holds it ...

BTW, you don't have the indexes required for syncrepl to work adequately ... 
what documentation did you use as the basis for this setup?