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Re: Check errors from Jexplore!

Nguyen Quang Huy wrote:
> Iâm Setup Openldapv2.x,

Given the long history of 2.x from 2.0.0 to 2.4.x you should always
mention the exact version you're working with.

> Iâm setup following guide:
> http://www.linuxmail.info/openldap-setup-howto/

Why don't you follow the official OpenLDAP Admin Guide?


> Iâm connect from Jexplore to Openldap à OK, I can open no-ip..vv, but I
> open org à error appear:

Please don't send screenshots. Rather you should send the error message
as text. Also everyone here prefers here if you use ldapsearch (or one
of the other OpenLDAP's command-line tools) to demonstrate your problem
and copy the output to a text e-mail.

Actually in your particular case the entry dc=org is not present in your

Without knowing your slapd.conf (parameter suffix) I can't tell exactly
whether that's simply a JXplorer usage issue.

See also for common errors:

Especially for your case:

Ciao, Michael.