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AW: Re: SASL bind with Kerberos: (was: Simple binds with SASL/GSSAPI (Resource temporarily unavailable))

Hi Quanah,

thank you for your immediate reply.

(a) Which Kerberos implementation are you using?
MIT Kerberos 5 as shipped with Hardy (1.6.dfsg.3~beta1-2ubuntu1)

(b) saslauthd and SASL/GSSAPI are unrelated.  I.e., you don't need to be 
running saslauthd for SASL/GSSAPI to work.
Now I'm confused. I always understood the way to use
Kerberos authentication for accessing the ldap directory
to be:


and that I have to fill the SASL part with something real,
like saslauthd. What did I miss here?

Thanks again,


p.s.: ZCS fan here ;-)