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Re: RHEL 5 will not do TLS/SSL authentication

On Wednesday 03 September 2008 09:49:54 Dat Duong wrote:
> I'm thinking, if the gnutls which installed by default, was causing the
> problem??

It doesn't matter if gnutls is installed, what matters is what OpenLDAP was 
compiled against.

Now, you stated that you are using RHEL 5, and gave no other details of what 
software you installed, so it would be logical to assume you are using only 
the RHEL 5 packages. On RHEL 5, OpenLDAP 2.3.27 is compiled against openssl 
0.9.8b. But, since you have some weird paths reflected in your slapd.conf 
etc., maybe you have built your own software. If you have, you need to supply 
the details thereof, or we are all wasting our time.