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Fwd: openldap

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From: Aravind Arjunan <aravind.arjunan@gmail.com>
Date: 17 Jun 2008 17:52
Subject: Re: openldap
To: Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>

This is my ldif file, here i have used objectclass as person and i have included attribute mail and i got the error.
I had tested by adding objectClass as inetOrgPerson and i got the below error.
ldap_modify: Cannot modify object class (69)
        additional info: structural object class modification from 'person' to '
inetOrgPerson' not allowed

# Oracle Team

dn: cn=saju,ou=solution,dc=test,dc=com
objectClass: person
#objectClass: inetOrgPerson
cn: saju
sn: kuttan
description: Oracle team
telephoneNumber: 9891950975
mail: csaju@hcl.in

dn: cn=aravind,ou=solution,dc=test,dc=com
objectClass: person
#objectClass: inetOrgPerson
cn: aravind
sn: arjunan
description: Oracle team
mail: aaravind@hcl.in
#mobilenumber: 9899798985

# Microsoft Team

dn: cn=Kannan,ou=solution,dc=test,dc=com
objectClass: person
#objectClass: inetOrgPerson
cn: Kannan
sn: Kann
description: Microsoft Team
mail: kannans@hcl.in
#mobilenumber: 9891200471

dn: cn=Manish,ou=solution,dc=test,dc=com
objectClass: person
cn: Manish
sn: Gupta
description: Microsoft Team
telephoneNumber: 9818206547

dn: cn=sachin,ou=solution,dc=test,dc=com
objectClass: person
cn: sachin
sn: saghal
description: Microsoft Team
telephoneNumber: 9873574433


On 17/06/2008, Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:
Aravind Arjunan wrote:
ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
       additional info: attribute 'mail' not allowed
 What i need to do for adding this attribute. tell me the correct objectclass for this attribute.

Most people use object class 'inetOrgPerson' for adding attribute 'mail' to user/person entries. Since you don't provide an example entry nobody can tell what's right for your data.

Ciao, Michael.