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Re: Shell script to monitor LDAP server

regarding to your description,

bash# ldapsearch -v -b '' -s base -h <> 'objectclass=top' namingContexts
ldapsearch: started Fri Jun 13 02:11:04 2008

ldap_init( <>, 389 )
filter pattern: objectclass=top
returning: namingContexts
filter is: (objectclass=top)

And it just stays here forever. The -l flag only works after the search is initiated server side. There isn't a switch for a connection timeout limit. With this behaviour I can't test this as I imagined.

you cant search anything with ldapsearch if the remote server is down or traffic is temporariliy blocked by packet-filter because ldapsearch hangs til next ice-age.

in this case it doesnt matter at all what kind of searchfilter is used.

the problem ist the reachabilty of the remote machine
as far as you cant specify any timeout
on your solaris ldapsearch-tool.

if you want to stay on trying a scripting solution, maybe this is worse an attempt:
nmap <host> | grep 389 <or whatever port you use>
netstat <host> -pan | grep \:389 | grep LISTEN
if [ $? -eq 0] then
ldapsearch bla...
else [ do nothing ]

on the other side you can use monit to watch the remote slapd,
but if the remote monit traffic is blocked by packet-filter too
you got the same situation - remote machine is not reachable <for you>

Dieter Kluenter schrieb:
"Dieter Kluenter" <dieter@dkluenter.de> writes:

"Alexandre Vieira" <nullpt@gmail.com> writes:

Hello all,

I have a Solaris 10 system that queries a clients openldap server to deliver a
certain service and the client is complaining that my system sometimes denies
services to clients. Well my system only denies service to clients if the
openldap system from the customer fails to answer.

In this sense I tried to write a script to monitor the openldap server and its
responsiveness but ldapsearch client in Solaris 10 doesn't work as I expected

For example, all ok:

bash# ldapsearch -v -b '' -s base -h 'objectclass=top'
ldapsearch: started Fri Jun 13 01:51:53 2008
You should search the monitor backend, with something like
ldapsearch -b "cn=connections,cn=monitor" -s sub

Let me elaborate on this a bit further:

ldapsearch -b "cn=connections,cn=monitor" -s sub monitorcounter gives
information on following items

monitorConnectionOpsExecuting: monitorConnectionOpsPending: monitorConnectionOpsCompleted:

in addtion to connections you may search cn=waiters,cn=monitor, which
gives information on waiters of all operations.


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