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Re: LDAP structure

On Sun, 8 Jun 2008, Fred Zinsli wrote:

> All of the information I find is based on a single directory tree: ie. 
> domain.com and then under that you can have your sub domains.

Usually it's "dc=domain,dc=com".

> But I would like to be able to have multiple domains. domain1.com, 
> domain2.com. domain1.co.uk, domain1.com.jp and so on.

You seem to be confusing domains with suffixes (although a one-to-one 
mapping is possible).

> Is this at all possible using LDAP?

Yep; we run all sorts of non-overlapping suffixes at work.

> If it is possible could someone please point me to some information on 
> how I can do this. I don't explicitly want the answer given to me as I 
> won't learn anything.

Ah - someone prepared to learn :-)  Simply use multiple "suffix" directives.

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