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slapcat: symbol lookup error ldap_pvt_sasl_mutex_unlock

Hello all,

I'm currently looking at upgrading my LDAP server from version 2.3.19.
In trying to slapcat my db from the old machine I am getting the following

slapcat: symbol lookup error: slapcat: undefined symbol:

I get this error whenever I attempt to use any of the slap tools.

There is a little noise on the web in regards to the
ldap_pvt_sasl_mutex_unlock but nothing definitive that I can find.

I am going to replicate the db if possible and see if I can slapcat them
from a different machine.  Barring that however it would be good to be
able to solve this from the original perspective.

Any ideas?  Many thanks in advance.

Systems Administrator
Soho VFX
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Toronto, Ontario
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