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Re: sasl problem with Scientific Linux / RedHat but not with debian?!

you should be more specific when posting your questions:
used versions of openldap, cyrus sasl and kerberos (at last: mit / heimdal?)
without any information about your config-files and posting of
a log-output with a high debug-level, it is quite difficult to answer
this at all.
maybe you should take a look at the debug-output of slapd first.

BjÃrn Nachtwey schrieb:
Dear all,

I set up a ldap server and want to use sasl/kerberos5 for
you mean: gssapi
well, using debian/etch it works fine.
using scientific linux 5.1 (SL5.1) it does not work, not even
testsaslauthd works.

the configuration of both systems is the same,
snippets of the config-files...
besides hostname gives on
debian just the name and on SL5.1 the FQN.

i also tried to compile cyrus/sasl from sources -- just the same.

sl being a clone of RHEL, does anyone have the same problem?
does anyone have any idea?

thanks & best regards,


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