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Re: Unable to add attribute to cn

Frank, Hans, 232 wrote:
Hi there,

I would like to add the attribute "orclnetdescstring" to the following
ldap object:

When trying this, I get the following error message:
09:44:42 AM: Failed to add 'orclnetdescstring' attribute for
Root error: [LDAP: error code 65 - attribute 'orclnetdescstring' not

I did include the attributetype into the core.schema, which is included
in slapd.conf the following way:

attributetype ( NAME 'orclnetdescstring' DESC 'Oracle-OID spezific A-Type' SUP name )


attributetype ( NAME 'orclnetdescstring' SUP name )

But that doesn't change anything. I am very new to openldap, so if there
are any good tutorials which describe such simple things (I suppose this
is something simple), please let me know.

I just need this object with some specific attributes, how can I realise

Declaring an attribute in the schema only makes the DSA aware of the definition of that schema item. To add an attribute to an entry, that entry's class must at least allow that attribute. See RFC 4511 and RFC 4512 for details.


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